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Professor Jingwen Mao Attended China-Peru Video Conference
Date:2013/2/19  Views:4634

After completing his a-week long field study, on 19th February, Professor Jingwen Mao returned to Lima for a video conference with Junefield Group President Jianhe Zhou. The conference was hosted by Junefield Mineral President Bin Wu. Academician Jishan He, Junefield Group Vice President Xianhong Xiang, and other senior engineers and postgraduate students also attended the conference.

Professor Jingwen Mao is doing a presentation

Professor Jingwen Mao is analysing rock samples

The meeting was very successful, Academician He and President Wu should gratitude to Professor Mao

Professor Mao investigated Don Javier, Mariela, Conymecar and other major projects which are in the exploration process, and some adjacent mines, Professor Mao shared his views and prospective regarding these projects, and analysed these projects with a strategically advantageous position, he also made some suggestions and guidance for the future development, such opinions provieded Junefield Mineral with a better and clearer prospect for future work. After the conference, President Zhou sincerely invited Professor Mao to visit Peru again.


On 9th February Peru time, Professor Mao has completed his 9-day expedition in Peru and returned to Beijing. We would like to show our gratitude to him for taking his valuable time for our company’s exploration work in Peru.

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